How To Compare Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

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“Continuing care retirement community” is a general term to describe senior living communities that include independent living, supportive or assisted living, and skilled nursing care – all in one facility or on one campus.

But no two continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are the same, and the pricing, options, and types of care offered can be vastly different.

Below are tips for how to compare continuing care retirement communities.


Types Of Care And Services Provided
One of the biggest benefits of living in a continuing care retirement community is the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be well cared for, even as your daily living and healthcare needs might change. When evaluating CCRCs, check to see which services are included with independent living, supportive living, and skilled nursing – and how you transition between the levels of care. At Lasell Village, we have independent living apartments, private rooms in a supportive living environment (Lasell Studios), and a 5-star skilled nursing facility (Lasell House).

Amenities And Activities
As with any senior living community, the amenities and activities the community offers can play a major role in your choice of CCRCs. At Lasell Village, we have a wellness center, fitness center, swimming pool, art studio, and raised-bed gardening area. Patterned after a classic New England village, we also have weather-protected walkways and beautiful landscaping. Every month, there are activities at Lasell Village and Lasell University, as well as frequent outings to Boston-area events and activities.

One of the most unique aspects of our community is the focus on lifelong learning. Each resident commits to a personal plan of 450 hours per year dedicated to education and wellness, and residents are able to take classes at Lasell University, alongside degree-seeking students.

Entrance Fees
Entrance fees at continuing care retirement communities can vary dramatically. The entrance fee is typically a one-time fee that you pay when you move into the CCRC. When you leave the community or die, a portion of that fee is typically refunded – to you or your estate. In general, the higher the percentage of money that’s refunded, the higher the cost of the entrance fee. Most CCRCs offer more than one type of contract/entrance fee. At Lasell Village, you can choose a standard contract (which includes a 90% refund) or a declining balance contract (which includes a refund of up to 65%).

Monthly Fees
After you pay the entrance fee at a CCRC, there’s always a monthly fee. At most CCRCs, the fee varies depending on the size of unit you live in and the type of services, assistance, and healthcare you receive. Please contact us for current monthly pricing for Lasell Village.

Continuing care retirement communities require you to sign a contract when you move in. The primary clauses in a CCRC contract will typically cover: the cost of the entrance fee; the portion of the entrance fee that’s refundable when you die or leave the community; the monthly cost to live in the CCRC; the services and healthcare provided; and the conditions for moving to the next level of care. Some CCCRCs offer more than one type of contract, including Lasell Village.

Location is often one of the top considerations when choosing a CCRC. Is the continuing care retirement community close to your family and friends? Is it in city you like and the area of town you prefer? How close is the CCRC to your favorite activities and amenities? Lasell Village is unique in that we share a 13-acre campus and programs with Lasell University, which bolsters our commitment to lifelong learning. We’re located in Newton, Massachusetts, just 11 miles from downtown Boston.

Pet Policies
If you have a cat or dog, or planning on getting one, the pet policies of the CCRC should be front of mind. At Lasell Village, we’re a pet-friendly community (we allow dogs and cats). 

Non-Profit Or For-Profit
While the majority of CCRCS are owned and managed by non-profit organizations, some are owned by for-profit corporations, including publicly owned companies. Lasell Village is a non-profit organization.

Is It A Good Fit
When all is said and done, one of the most important factors in choosing a CCRC is whether you feel the CCRC will be a good fit for you. One of the best ways to find out is to schedule a tour of the continuing care retirement community. At Lasell Village, we’re pleased to offer personal tours that take about two hours.

For more information about Lasell Village, or to request an information kit, please call (617) 663-7044.

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“I moved to Lasell Village in June 2016 and have found it to be a congenial, interesting, and helpful community. One can have independence as well as assistance if needed. The academic offerings are excellent, as are the facilities and staff for exercise. The Village is near public transportation, but also offers car service to shopping and medical appointments for those who do not drive. Meals are excellent and there is always lively, friendly companionship. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. Staff and management are caring and helpful.”

—Barbara G
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