Live in a New England village setting. Lasell Village is a community purposely designed to encourage an intellectually stimulating way of life. Our primary goal— beyond the convenience, security and environmental consciousness—is to enrich the lives of individuals and enable them to learn and grow.


Residences offer beautiful, natural views and a wide range of floor plans that, combined with maintenance-free living, a variety of dining venues, amenities and services, fitness opportunities and activities, allow residents to stay active in the pursuits they enjoy.

The location in Newton, Massachusetts is a short walk from public transportation, making Lasell Village a center for learning where residents can easily connect to the attractions of Boston, New York City, and air travel at Logan International Airport.

As a Life Plan Community, Lasell Village ensures that a lifestyle of learning will be supported for each individual’s lifetime, with a respected continuum of health services that is responsive to the level of care required.

Learn how this unique community reflects your interests and imagination.

Live among others who are open to ideas, friendship and creative ventures.

Life at Lasell Village reflects the far-reaching interests, imaginations and openness of those who reside here. This intellectually curious group welcomes new residents in a spirit of friendship, with respect for the unique perspective brought by each new person.

Our community has welcomed a diverse group of artists, physicians, entrepreneurs and others among its population. Residents are open and inclusive, accepting each new individual without reservation.

Residents can interact daily with students and faculty of the university—whether studying in classes, participating in projects or joining activities. They also develop close ties with staff, and are frequent volunteers at the on-campus daycare center and preschool.

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“Searching for the right community, I had a long list of requirements, including a view of nature out my windows, accessible public transportation, a gardening plot, a modern kitchen…a place where I could bring my cat, challenge my mind and meet new friends. Lasell Village met every must-have and then some!”

—Ferris and Nancy Hall

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