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Lifelong Learning

To request an information kit about Lasell Village, please call (617) 663-7044.

Live where learning is the defining characteristic. It is our belief that learning is not an activity—it is a way of being. Although we’re one of a growing number of college-affiliated retirement communities, ours is the first and only one to establish a specified learning plan as a condition of residency.

Developed and guided by Lasell University, the Village instills the belief that learning is a defining attribute of life, and that it should take place both in and out of the classroom. Lifelong learning opportunities at the Village are multi-faceted, and include opportunities to interact with younger generations, whether at the Village, at the university or in the world at large.

Each individual creates a personalized course to meet the yearly 450-hour minimum of learning and fitness activities. As a testament to their commitment, virtually all who live here exceed this minimum requirement.

The diverse opportunities for satisfying the learning requirement reflect the “connected learning” approach to education at Lasell University. There are many ways in which residents can fulfill the learning program requirements at Lasell Village:

  • Participating in courses and educational events at Lasell Village
  • Enrolling in courses and other intergenerational opportunities at Lasell University
  • Enrolling in courses at other educational institutions
  • Mentoring Lasell University students or advising student groups or organizations
  • Engaging in community service or volunteer activities
  • Teaching or tutoring
  • Engaging in travel study experiences
  • Participating in activities in the arts, and presentations of personal artistic work
  • Participating in physical fitness activities
  • Conducting independent study or research
  • Maintaining continued employment

For more information about our lifelong learning programs, or to request an information kit, please call (617) 663-7044.

Please note: Lasell Village is an active senior living community, located in Newton, Massachusetts, just 11 miles from downtown Boston. We’re a pet-friendly community (we allow dogs and cats).

Reinvigorate your lifelong love for learning.

Continue your education among a diverse group of peers

  • Classes held on the Village campus are geared specifically to residents and are taught by professors, residents or experts in a given field
  • Classes are available along with college students at Lasell University, or at Lasell Village
  • Residents participate in cultural activities at the Village, and are included in organized college trips to off-site venues and activities

“The connection to Lasell University makes this community such an energizing place to live. I love taking courses, interacting with faculty and mingling with young students. There are so many intriguing opportunities here, it’s often hard to choose.”

—Carolyn and Warner S
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