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University Retirement Community

To request an information kit about Lasell Village, please call (617) 663-7044.

If you love learning, and you love being around younger people, you’ll love Lasell Village!

We’re an independent senior living community that’s located in Newton, Massachusetts (just 11 miles from downtown Boston).

We’re also one of the few retirement communities in the country that’s classified as a “university-based retirement community” or UBRC.

Home to approximately 225 residents, we’re a community of lifelong learners! And it couldn’t be easier to take advantage of learning opportunities, because we share a campus and programs with Lasell University. The university offers more than fifty undergraduate and graduate degrees, and residents of Lasell Village have the opportunity to enroll in classes at the university. The chance to study, side by side, with students who are pursing degrees, offers an unparalleled, intergenerational learning opportunity.

In addition, Lasell University faculty also frequently teach or present lectures and events for our residents – on history, art, travel, literature, music, and more.

At Lasell Village, we embody the philosophy that learning is a way of being, a commitment that never ends. While there are other university-based retirement communities sprinkled across the U.S., Lasell Village is the first to require each resident to commit to a personalized continuing education program.

Every resident creates an individual plan to meet Lasell Village’s 450-hour minimum (per year) of learning and engagement activities, and this is a condition of residency.

Opportunities with Lasell University include:

  • enrolling in courses at Lasell University
  • mentoring Lasell University students
  • advising student groups or organizations at Lasell University
  • teaching or tutoring Lasell University students
  • participating in courses and educational events at Lasell Village that are taught or presented by Lasell University faculty and Lasell Village course leaders

For more information about Lasell Village, or to request an information kit, please call (617) 663-7044.

“I love the people, the classes, and the special lectures, but most of all, I love the community at Lasell Village.”

—Judith T
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