History and the Connection to Lasell University

Seeking innovative ways to serve its mission and engage the community in lifelong learning, Lasell University approved plans in 1992 for this non-profit, first-in-America, educational retirement community and began the approval process with the City of Newton, Massachusetts.

Opened in 2000, Lasell Village marked many “firsts” both for the college and for senior living, with lifelong learning opportunities becoming a fundamental component of retirement. Residents agree to sustain their intellectual and physical well-being by participating in a wide range of group and individual activities, averaging nine hours a week (450 hours per year).

The commitment to a personalized program of lifelong learning—which had begun as a requirement for residents—has become an expectation and a foundation for the close educational, governance and social connections that exist between Lasell Village and Lasell University. Both college students and Village residents benefit from interacting through shared courses, class modules, research projects, internships and mentoring—as well as in the community itself, where students often serve as wait staff, lifeguards, interns and volunteers.  In 2015, Lasell University’s commitment to intergenerational education was recognized with the designation “Age-Friendly University,” a distinction that exists to this day.

Lasell Village also integrates supportive care into the community, ensuring that residents can continue learning and enjoying new experiences even if aging challenges develop.

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