Frequently Asked Questions

We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about life at Lasell Village.  The list below addresses just a handful of the items most often asked about by prospective residents.  Don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can respond personally to your particular concerns.

How do I know it’s the right time for me to make the move to Lasell Village?

Here are a few good indicators you should make Lasell Village your new home:
• Maintaining your house feels more burdensome than pleasurable
• You want to simplify your life
• You want a safety net of quality healthcare where you live –
should you need it
• You could become isolated staying in your home rather than engaged in a full life with
like-minded friends
• You want to explore your current hobbies or pick up some new ones
• You are drawn to exploring a vast array of cultural and intellectual experiences on a
university campus
• You like the idea of living in a neighborhood with public transportation close to Boston
The vast majority of Villagers say they wish they decided to move sooner, not later.

How does your waitlist work?

Once you decide Lasell Village is right for you, you provide a check for $2,500. We place your name
on our waitlist. Placing your name on the waitlist is not an obligation to purchase. You will fill out a
brief questionnaire letting us know your preferences and when you would like to move.
When a suitable apartment becomes available, we will notify you. You can turn down an offered
unit and remain on our waitlist (you won’t go to the bottom of the list). If at any point you decide
you no longer want to be on our waitlist, $2,000 of your initial deposit is refundable.

We have two waitlists:
• The active waitlist is for people who would like to move within six months of submitting their
• The inactive waitlist is for people who are unsure of their move time or those who like to plan
well in advance. These folks want to have as much flexibility as possible when making their
apartment choice.

What are your entrance requirements?

After selecting an available apartment, potential residents participate in a cognitive and physical
assessment. These evaluations are non-invasive, consisting of interviews and a review of health
records, not a hands-on physical examination. Applicants must be able to live independently at Lasell
Village. We also conduct a financial review, to ensure that living at Lasell Village is affordable for you

What does your financial review consist of?

Our financial review is similar to the kind of application you fill out for any property purchase
or long-term loan. Our primary goal is to make sure you can afford to live at Lasell Village for the
rest of your life.

Can I finance my entrance fee with a mortgage?

Lasell Village does not accept loan financing.

How does the entrance fee work?

You have two options:
1. Standard 90%: You pay 100% of the total entrance fee at the time you sign the contract.
At the end of the contract, we pay 90% of your entrance fee to whomever you designate.
2. Declining balance: This option offers a lower initial investment (you pay 65% of the entrance fee),
with a refund that declines at a rate of 1% per month of residency. After 100 months, just over
eight years of residency, there is no refund.

I have a lifetime worth of belongings. I’m totally overwhelmed by the thought of moving.

You are not alone! We hear this all the time. Don’t let logistics keep you from moving to a better
lifestyle for your life stage. You’ll get through the move, bit by bit. We can point you to professional
help for decisions around packing, and repurposing the items you will not be bringing with you. Your
town’s Council on Aging may be a good source of support for down-sizing tips as well.

Where do I put my things, like luggage, sports equipment, or holiday decorations?

Each apartment at Lasell Village comes with a basic 5’x7’ storage unit for any belongings that are too
cumbersome or seasonal to keep in your apartment.

I want to keep my car when I move. What about parking?

All parking is in our covered, climate-controlled garages for a monthly fee. No more shoveling
snow or slogging through a downpour when you want to go out!

Can I customize my apartment?

Yes. We are happy to talk about customizing apartments with your choice of finishes. Flooring, paint
colors and window treatments are among the things you may personalize to your taste.

Are pets allowed? Are there any restrictions on size or type of pet?

Your pet is a member of your family! Well-mannered dogs and cats are warmly welcomed at Lasell Village.

How can I convince my parents or a friend to move here?

You can’t! The best thing you can do is to ask thoughtful questions and listen respectfully to their
concerns and fears. Moving from their home is a big deal. Expressing your loving support and trust in
them is the best path forward for all concerned. You can let parents or friends know you will support
them with the aspects of the move that most worry them.

Learn more about planning for future healthcare needs.

Anne Doyle

Anne Doyle

President, Lasell Village

“We like to change the perception of not only what it means to grow old, but what it means to be young”

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Cheryl Sacks, Director of Sales & Marketing


Call today!

Cheryl Saks, Director of Sales & Marketing


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