Lasell Village Waitlist

To request an information kit about Lasell Village, please call (617) 663-7044. 

At Lasell Village, we currently have a waitlist to join our community.

The length of time it might take for before you can move into Lasell Village depends largely on the type of apartment you prefer and its location.


Applying To Lasell Village
To be put on the waitlist for Lasell Village, you’ll first need to submit an application, which includes a brief questionnaire about your preferences for your apartment and your preferred move date. The application also includes a financial eligibility form and a medical self-evaluation form. When you apply, you’ll pay a $2,500 deposit (of which $2,000 is refundable).

Active Waitlist For Lasell Village
If your preference is to move within 6 months of submitting your application, we’ll place you on our active waitlist.

Inactive Waitlist For Lasell Village
If you’re unsure about your move-in date, would like to plan well in advance, or want to have as much flexibility as possible when it comes to choosing an apartment, we’ll place you on our inactive waitlist.

Apartment Becomes Available
When a suitable apartment becomes available, we’ll notify you. If you’re ready to move, you can tour the apartment that’s available, and you’ll have three business days to accept or refuse the apartment. If you decide to move in, you’ll then go through the full application process (which includes a comprehensive financial review, health and cognitive assessment).

If, for some reason, you don’t like the apartment that’s vacant or you’re not quite ready to move, you can remain on the waitlist. You’ll stay in the same spot on the waitlist – you won’t go to the bottom of the list.

Refund Of Deposit For Waitlist
By placing your name on our waitlist, there’s no obligation to move in. If at any point, you decide that you no longer want to be on the waitlist, we’ll refund $2,000 of your original deposit. If you do move in, the $2,000 will be applied to your entrance fee.

For more information about the waitlist at Lasell Village, or to request an information kit, please call (617) 663-7044.

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