Learning Opportunities

Opportunities abound in the Village, at the college and in the world. Lasell Village presents residents with rich and varied learning opportunities that challenge the mind, please the senses and open new horizons. At the Village, residents can take courses and attend lectures and events that touch on literature, art, music, travel, history and more, with courses offered exclusively by the Village, or through Lasell University’s extensive catalogue. 


At Lasell University, residents of the Village participate in true college courses alongside students who are pursuing degrees. An innovator in education for more than 150 years, today the university is a comprehensive coeducational institution offering professionally oriented Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

Lasell University offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate academic programs: residents of the Village are welcome to include one or more of several courses each year in their 450-hour commitment to lifelong learning.

Discover more about learning opportunities at the Village.
“Expanding my general knowledge has always been of utmost importance to me. At Lasell Village, I’ve found so many opportunities to do this… and more.”

—Marilyn Kolodney
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