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Thinking Differently About Aging

Our inaugural webinar premiered Wednesday, June 9.  Click below to view.

This webinar was the first in a series of conversations designed to spark interest in thinking differently about aging. Our inaugural program featured four thought-provoking leaders, each with a unique perspective on aging.

The program was facilitated by award-winning journalist Deborah Becker, a reporter and host on WBUR, Boston’s NPR affiliate.

In addition, our experts considered how “age friendly” environments make a positive difference across the lifespan, the ways in which lifelong learning contributes to improved cognitive health, the factors including research and technological innovations that promote long-term wellness, and the importance of fostering an open and curious mind.


A headshot of Hae Won Park, Ph.D., from MIT'S Media Lab, a panelist at the inaugural Living & Learning Forum.
Hae Won Park, Ph.D,
Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab
A headshot of Sharon Levine, M.D.
Sharon Levine, M.D.
Section Head of Geriatrics at
Massachusetts General Hospital
Headshot of Margery Silver, Geriatric Neuropsychologist and member of the inaugural Living & Learning Forum panel.
Margery Silver, 
Geriatric Psychologist
Researcher, Lecturer, and Author
Anne Doyle, President of Lasell Village
and Vice President, Lasell University
Founder, Living and Learning Forum




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