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Highlights: Live Panel Discussion with Village Residents & Anne Doyle Now on Youtube

October, 2021

Last October, Lasell Village President Anne Doyle was invited to lead a panel on the future of aging in the United States for the 2021 World Ageing Festival based in Singapore and held virtually worldwide.  Experts from fourteen countries around the world were invited to present their perspectives on aging.

Anne Doyle provided context and facilitated a lively conversation with a panel of people well-positioned to provide perspectives on aging: Lasell Village residents, Sushi Gawande, Tricia Swift, and Charlotte Lindgren Winslow, and colleague Tim Driver, technology entrepreneur and President of the Age-Friendly Institute.  Simply stated, it was a fantastic event! 

Some topics addressed included:

  • top challenges facing seniors
  • how the pandemic changed views on community living
  • creative solutions in creating a longer life
  • new opportunities driven by increased longevity


“The connection with Lasell University has made me feel like a student again—it’s something I never thought I would experience while living in a retirement community!”

—Lis Drake
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