Editing Pages

Creating a Page

  1. Begin in Dashboard
  2. On the side panel, click on “Pages”
  3. Click “Add New”
  4. Edit What The Page is About
    1. Give it a Title at the Top
    2. Under bottom right, “Page Attributes” select a parent page if applicable
    3. In the body, you may write any text as a placeholder
    4. On the right side, click Save Draft or Publish
    5. *Note: Unless you publish a page, clicking its link will not take you to the page you have created*

Editing Page Content:

  1. Pictures
    1. Click Add Media – this will allow you to add pictures that have been uploaded to the gallery
    2. Once you select an image and add it, click on the image to see position options and other features
    3. To replace the image or edit, click the image and click “Edit” button
  2. Forms
    1. To add a form, click on “Add Form” – this will allow you to insert a form that has already been created
    2. To create a new form, select Forms at the top of the page and add a new for
  3. Hyperlinks
    1. Highlight the text portion that you are adding the link to
    2. Click the insert/edit link icon (looks like a chain) at the top of the body
    3. Select the gear icon

For External Links

  • paste in URL
  • do not change link text
  • select box to open in new tab

For Internal Links

  • select page from pages listed below
  • do not change link text
  • do not select open in new tab box

Adding a Page to Menu:

  1. ***Make sure your page is published***
  2. Begin in Dashboard
  3. Navigate to Appearance
  4. Select Menus
  5. Select View All
  6. Select page you want to add to menu
  7. Select Add to Menu
  8. Under Menu Structure this page will appear at the bottom
  9. Drag it to where you want it to appear (under what section you want it appear)
  10. Select Save Menu in lower right hand.


  • Every time you make an edit to a page, hit the ‘Update” button on the right side panel to save the changes
  • Use the “Preview Changes” button on the side panel to see a live layout of the content
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