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Wellness Center

Our Wellness Center operates as a drop in clinic and provides the security of onsite healthcare for your convenience and to ensure your good health and vibrancy.  Staffed by licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants, residents are welcome to drop in with any questions or health concerns or call for an at home visit if necessary. The Center includes a full complement of services:

  • Nursing consultation
  • Health screening and monitoring
  • Education and individualized  health solutions
  • Laboratory services
  • Blood pressure and flu clinics
  • Home care services and consultation
  • Massage
  • Health professional consultants available include: dentist, physical therapist, podiatrist, audiologist, psychiatrist and dermatologist

Fitness Services

  • Each resident receives a customized workout program based on his/her medical history, physical abilities, and personal fitness goals.  Programs are designed to maximize functional strength and improve aerobic capacity.
  • Exercise programs are progressively adjusted over time based on how an individual’s body responds to the total workout volume.  Factors such as frequency and intensity of exercise collectively play a role in my determining an individual’s proper progression.   
  • Residents are advised by our certified personal trainer on specific actions they can perform on their own to maximize daily function (i.e. stretches to facilitate circulation, improve joint range-of-motion, and reduce muscle cramping).  

With all of the wonderful classes, fitness activities, and cultural program offerings at the Village we wouldn’t want you to miss a thing due to health reasons.