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Meet Our Residents


Ruth Margolin Silin

One of our original Lasell Village residents, is enjoying her sweet sixteen year at the Village.  One of her many talents is her wonderful writing and poetry. Way back in the year 2000 she shared with us a poem that she had written expressing how she made the very big decision of joining the Village as we opened. Now 16 years later she shares with us the journey of her new life, already 16 years old.  In the driver’s seat and still going strong taking classes and working part time at her daughter’s clothing boutique.   She says “time sure does fly when you are having fun...”Read more about Ruth Margolin Silin,


Helen Cohen

A Dorchester native who grew up "playing tennis at Franklin Field and taking Saturday classes at the MFA," Helen Cohen is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art who has never stopped creating. Her handsome graphite, Chinese ink, pastel and watercolor works line her sunny Seminary Avenue apartment, along with photographs of her three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Though modest about her own talent, the spirited arts enthusiast is always eager to discuss art and culture, and to learn more... Read more about Helen Cohen,


Irv Gruverman

A retired engineer, Gruverman is a familiar presence on campus, bringing his respected savvy to dining rooms, classrooms and board rooms-as a longtime Lasell Village resident, enthusiastic student and member of the College's Board of Trustees... Read more about Irv Gruverman,


Erik and Antoinette (Atch) Stapper

Connecting people of different cultures, customs and philosophies in life - that is the essence of Erik and Antoinette (Atch) Stapper's support for exemplary Lasell students who study abroad... Read more about Erik and Antoinette (Atch) Stapper,