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Meet Our Resident - Ruth Margolin Silin

Ruth Margolin Silin, one of our original Lasell Village residents, is enjoying her sweet sixteen year at the Village. One of her many talents is her wonderful writing and poetry. Way back in the year 2000 she shared with us a poem that she had written expressing how she made the very big decision of joining the Village as we opened. Now 16 years later she shares with us the journey of her new life, already 16 years old. In the driver’s seat and still going strong taking classes and working part time at her daughter’s clothing boutique. She says “time sure does fly when you are having fun.”

My Thought Process

Do I go or do I stay?
Should I wait another day?
The house is so comfy, I love it quite clearly,
My things and my treasures I'm devoted to dearly.
My books and my paintings, my living room chairs,
My oversized bed and my tables in pairs. So many memories spread over the years, So many laughs, a sprinkling of tears.
It takes courage to leave all that good stuff behind me,
"But the fence needs replacing, my daughter reminds me.
While the leaves have been falling
The gardener's been calling.
"No cleanup" due to excess rain;
I see the storm has loosened a window pane.
The railing outside is shaky and loose,
Some shingles have fallen off the side of the roof.
The basement's a mess, I'm developing stress And I still can't decide—Is it no? Is it yes?
Is there room in the Village for a packrat like me? I will make the decision responsibly.
I will visit Goodwill to make countless donations
Of what's gathering dust in forgotten old spaces. I will sort, I will pack, and then do it some more.
I'll decide what I need and the rest I will store.
So do I go or do I stay?
I will not wait another day.
The decision's been made—Lasell it will be.
An exciting new home that will set me free.

—Ruth Silin,Written 2000

Covering 16 Years at Lasell Village>

The boxes unpacked, the artwork all hung,
I settled in fast, my new life begun.
I signed up for classes, found the fitness room, pool,
my children were happy, my grandkids said "Cool!".
Since the day I arrived, fine dining each night from a menu to tempt your appetite.
Good conversations. topics galore, plus young friendly servers— who could want more?

And then there are concerts, lectures, and film, potpourri of entertainment to please us each night in a beautiful ballroom designed to delight.
Solo or joining, it's strictly your choice. I wrote poetry, gave the "Voices of Experience" my musical voice. Everywhere greetings from neighbors who care, little time for naps
in that old rocking chair.

From my personal journey these past sixteen years, so sure there would be love no more, I found it again when I married my neighbor, the man next door. Who knows what adventures will come your way when you move to Lasell to learn, laugh and play?
We've turned Sweet Sixteen at Lasell Village, The years have passed fast, we've a wonderful past. Now let's look to the future in this place where we dwell, The best of the best and it does it so well.


—Ruth Silin,Written 2016