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Lasell House provides high quality rehabilitation services to hasten your ability to perform daily living activities and speed your progress. Our therapists are skilled professionals who take pride in seeing their patients gain strength and confidence as they move through the recovery process.

  • Rehabilitation Services tailored to individual needs
  • Bright, sun-filled gym with state-of-the-art medical therapy equipment
  • Seven day a week therapy services
  • Comprehensive patient and family education
  • Discharge planning for home safety

Physical Therapy—Mobility, pain management and strengthening are just a few ways that our physical therapists and physical therapist assistants improve the quality of life for our patients every day. Reaching your highest level of independence in activities of daily living and acquiring the skills to maintain or improve your function are goals we hope to achieve.

Occupational Therapy—Giving people the “skills for the job of living”…that’s what our occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are experts at doing. Helping a patient with low vision navigate their world, providing a patient with a customized seating system or developing strategies to assist a stroke patient to maintain independence in self care are but a few ways our therapists can help.

Speech Therapy—The ability to communicate is one of the most important gifts a speech-language pathologist can give to a patient. Our Speech-Language pathologist will use treatment strategies, techniques and modalities to effectively manage swallowing disorders in addition to addressing a patient’s cognitive-linguistic impairments.

For information on Lasell House please call 617-663-7042 or Contact Us